01- Reception/ Lounge by Alex Mint Design Studio


Alex Mint Design Studio is a design office that deals with architecture, interior design and product design, as well as with art direction. Mixing different materials, textures, patterns and colors lies on the basis of its design tools. The aim is the creation of spaces and objects that carry a unique identity, always inspired by cultural references and the trades that make each client or place, special.

Alex Mint Design Studio was created in 2017 at the same time with ALEXMINT, where the architect Alexia Mintsouli designed her first personal collection of tables and objects, using as base material, the marble. The collection traveled fast through international exhibitions and gained recognition worldwide for its unique identity, leading the company to work with significant projects in Miami, Paris, London Majorca etc

The office has been assigned with configuring one of the four HOTEL MEGATRENDS spaces by the XENIA exhibition, creating a reception/lounge area, based on the idea of modern hospitality.

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